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85_1603761_7_1455292337Every space in a home needs to be considered with “buyer’s eyes” when staging a house for sale. It is critically important to make sure every room in your house has one clear purpose. Defining how to use a room is so incredibly important for buyers because it helps them connect to a home. Here are the top 5 reasons every room needs a clear purpose:

1. Buyers subconsciously feel lost if they don’t know what to do with a room.

On a subconscious level no one wants to feel lost. They will wander in and out of a room very quickly if they cannot easily tell what the room should be used for. The house will not feel comfortable – the house will not feel like home.

2. Buyers do not know how to place furniture in a room they cannot define a use for.

When buyers walk into a room they feel comfortable in they will start to picture their things where your things are now. This is great – so you have to make sure you get it right. If the room doesn’t have a clear purpose, like this is a bedroom because there is a great big comfy bed here, then buyers will not know what to do with the space. Buyers don’t know if they need new furniture for this room or if they have something perfect for it already, because they do not know what the room is for

3. Buyers assume they do not need a room they cannot see the purpose of.

If a buyer can’t see what the purpose of a room is they go one of two ways. They either assume they do not need the space or they assume there isn’t a space they are looking for. Either way will cause them to want to pass on your house and go on to the next.

4. Buyers don’t have time or energy to figure it out for themselves.

There is so much competition for buyer dollars – even in a seller’s market. Buyers have no time, energy, or need to “figure out” a house. They can simply go visit the next one or go visit the new home builder they’ve been seeing advertising for. You can bet the builder will show them exactly what every space is for and tell them why they need it.

5. Buyers cannot emotionally connect to rooms they can’t see themselves using.

You want buyers to picture their sofa in your living room so they can start seeing themselves living in your house. This is when they truly connect with a house and decide they have to have it as their own home. This connection brings you the best offer possible.

Many homes today have a “great room” that contains many spaces to be used as individual rooms. This is what the term “open concept living” refers to and it is highly desired by today’s buyers. If this is your house then clearly define spaces within the great room to serve only one purpose. For instance, define a family room space and a dining space separately so that buyers know how to use the room.

One clear purpose for every room is key to successfully staging a house for sale. Mixed purpose rooms can be a catastrophe for your buyer because it screams “… this house is too little!”. Do not let your house scream at your buyers – you want your house to soothe your buyers so that they will want to make it their own.

Staging your house for sale is a lot of work. It is not easy and it can be very stressful. As difficult as it can be do not skip the staging. Take the time. Make the effort.

Properly staging a house for sale is critical to getting top dollar on closing day. Visit for more staging tips so that you make as much as you can when selling your house.

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